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When twelve-year-old Ryan Allen arrives at the pearly gates, he learns he’s now a “Holy Kid”—a resident of Heaven. He is welcomed with open arms and informed that he was created with the gift of incredible speed to help with God’s work on Earth.

After receiving his wings and meeting St. Peter, Gabriel, Jesus, and God, Ryan attends a welcoming feast. He meets other Holy Kids and quickly realizes there is more beauty and wonder in Heaven than he could possibly see in hundreds of years. Angela, another Holy Kid who has lived in Heaven for two hundred years, shows Ryan some of the best sights. Ryan’s many adventures include learning to fly and meeting biblical saints.

Ryan begins to understand the meaning and importance of his life on Earth when he realizes his special mission in Heaven. Ryan is obedient to God’s will and calling in Heaven as he was on Earth, and the results bring light to many people. The downtrodden are encouraged, the lost are saved, and the Holy Spirit moves powerfully as Ryan embraces the joy of his eternal destiny.