17 Facts About Me

  1. Was born in Kentucky.
  2. Lived in 5 states before starting 1st grade.
  3. I believe spending other people’s money is one of my spiritual gifts.
  4. Spent 3 months in a wheelchair in 2006.
  5. Fulfilled a contract with a bank to make 500 baby bracelets for their marketing department. (Hello carpel tunnel).
  6. While vacationing in Germany, I spent time at Dachau concentration camp.
  7. Won a March of Dimes Mother’s March award for raising the most money per capita in a five state area
  8. Have been to Stonehenge.
  9. Was only slightly injured after totaling an SUV.
  10. I need to fix broken things, situations and people.
  11. I never sleep in makeup.
  12. I have more than 100 friends or family members who now live in Heaven, people I personally knew.
  13. Once spent 3 weeks teaching puppet workshops in England.
  14. I prefer rain, snow and cloudy days to sunny, warm ones.
  15. I love spending time in a porch swing with a good friend or a book.
  16. Learned to snow ski in Breckenridge, Colorado.
  17. Cried at the Pearl Harbor memorial.




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