High above the earth on the very edge of eternity, some will find the landing at the entrance to heaven. It is here that St. Peter works, greeting people as they arrive at heaven’s gates of pearl.

It is here where I also spend a great deal of time in a tower so high that I can see the earth and all the way to God’s throne. My name is Gabriel, and I’m an archangel, a servant and messenger of God.

It is my job to learn from God who is coming to heaven next, deliver his or her set of wings to St. Peter, and then blast my trumpet and announce to all of heaven who is about to arrive.

In between the arrivals, I travel to earth to make special announcements for God or attend meetings, feasts and ceremonies here in heaven, or do special tasks for God. At other times I join St. Peter out on the landing, where we sing praises to God and often share our excitement over the newest arrival.

Of course, every arrival in heaven is a special, blessed event, but since we know everyone before they arrive here, some stories are more interesting. I’d like to share with you one such story.